Who is Edward Snowden and Where is he Now? Life, Whistleblower & Prison Time

Edward Snowden born June 21, 1983, in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, US, a former American intelligence contractor who in 2013 disclosed the existence of confidential data collection programs developed by the National Security Agency ( NSA) and provoked a cultural discussion about national security and individual privacy.

Snowden’s Life Before

Snowden was born in North Carolina, and his family moved to central Maryland, a short distance from NSA headquarters in Fort Meade when he was a child. He dropped out of high school and studied part-time between 1999 and 2005 at a community college; completed his GED but did not receive a college degree.

He enlisted in the army as a member of a special unit in May 2004 but was released four months later. In 2005 he worked as a security guard at the Center for Advanced Study of Language, a research center at the University of Maryland in partnership with the NSA.

Despite the lack of education and training, Snowden demonstrated computer skills and was hired by the Central Intelligence Agency in 2006. He was granted a top-secret permit and in 2007 was sent to Geneva, where he worked as a secret communications security specialist.

Snowden left the CIA and went to the NSA in 2009. There he worked as a private contractor for Dell and Booz Allen Hamilton. During this time, he began collecting information about many of the NSA’s activities – in particular, the secret surveillance systems he believed were large in size and scope.

The Reveal

In May 2013 Snowden applied for leave to go to the aviation industry and traveled to Hong Kong, where the following month he conducted a series of interviews with reporters for The Guardian newspaper. Illustrations have already been shown in the documentary Citizenfour (2014).

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Among the NSA secrets revealed by Snowden is a court order forcing telecommunications company Verizon to change the metadata (such as dial numbers and phone lengths) of millions of subscribers.

Snowden also pointed out the existence of PRISM, a data mining system that has reportedly provided the NSA, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Government Communications Office – equivalent to the British NSA – “direct access” to major Internet servers such as -Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple.

Finally Brought in Custody

In August 2014, as the end of Snowden’s provisional asylum expiration, the Russian government granted him a three-year residence permit (effective August 1), which would allow him to leave the country for up to three months. He was also allowed to request the extension of that permit and, after five years of residence, to apply for Russian citizenship if he chose to do so.

In September 2019 Snowden released a memo Permanent Record. On the same day, the U.S. Department of Justice He accused her of returning all the money she had received in the letter, claiming that she had violated her confidentiality agreements with the CIA and the NSA by not submitting the work for review before publication.


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