Who is Chelsea Manning? Life, Why Was She Jailed & Whistle Blower

On December 17, 1987, A boy was born in  Crescent, Oklahoma. His name was Bradley Manning. This boy was a genius at studies and was quite interested in Computers from childhood.

Although He was a boy, In private he loved to dress as a girl (Years later he will come out as a transgender with the name Chelsea Manning). She was a very quiet boy and was often bullied by his classmates so he didn’t engage with others in his school. He likes to be silent and keep his feelings to himself and fear unknown to other people.

Who is Chelsea Manning? Life, Why Was She Jailed & Whistle blower


In 2007, when She was still considered a boy, she joined the Army of the United States. She thought it’s possible that in Army She won’t be bullied but she was wrong. In the army too she kept her distance from everyone.

In 2009, She was shifted to Iraq as an Intelligence Analyst where she was introduced and had access to many confidential files about Iraq and Afghanistan.

In it, there were videos that showed the Army Killing Innocent civilians for nothing. She was horrified by it and wanted to show it to the world. She contacted wiki leaks and with their help leaked hundreds of pages of documents of the US army on the internet.

Who is Chelsea Manning? Life, Why Was She Jailed & Whistle blower


When she returned from Iraq. She reacted to a man who was a stranger at that point on the internet whose name was Adrian Lamo.

Manning used a different name called bradass87 and told him everything about the confidential papers and documents and videos and images. Lamo informed the US authorities about this and She was jailed for 35 years in 2013 when she was found guilty of espionage and theft. She was bailed by Barack Obama’s presidency.

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