Who Is Alex Trebek? Life, Career, Cause Of Death And Tribute Explained. Read all about it here!

If you’re a 90s baby, you might be aware of the Syndicate Game show called ‘Jeopardy’! However, if you’re not, we’re here for you.

The show Jeopardy! has always been linked with the talented game show host of it – Alex Trebek. He was one of the icons in the show host industry back in the 90s and also continued to be one in the 21st century.

He was so good that he won the Daytime Emmy Award For Outstanding Game Show Host SEVEN time! This was not even with different shows, it was while he was hosting the game show Jeopardy! Now that you know who he is, keep reading to know a little more about his life and career as well.

The Life Of Alex Trebek.

Born on July 22nd, 1940, Alex Trebek had a fine family and was a well-educated child. He lived with his Father Edward Trebek and mother Lucille Lagace in Ontario, Canada.

Who Is Alex Trebek? Life, Career, Cause Of Death And Tribute Explained. Read all about it here!

Well versed in the languages of French and English while also living in a household which spoke it too, he was a product of the University of Ottawa. In 1961, he attained a degree in the subject of Philosophy which makes us wonder. What made him go from studying Philosophy to hosting a game show, and that too, be the best at it?

Coming to his marriage life, Alex had been married twice. The first time in 1974, he got married to the broadcaster Elaine Callei. She had a daughter named Nicky who was later also adopted by Alex. However, they never had children together.

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The second time he got married, he had two beautiful children. He had a son and a daughter named Matthew and Emily with wife Jean Currivan after being married to her in 1990.

Alex Trebek and his career.

Alex has received many awards in his lifetime of a career. He won the Royal Canadian Geographical Society’s Gold Medal, The Lifetime Achievement Award At the Daytime Emmy Awards, and the 2019 Americanism Award.

Between 1961 to 1984, Alex has hovered between many job opportunities before finally landing on Jeopardy! and taking the show to an iconic platform.

Who Is Alex Trebek? Life, Career, Cause Of Death And Tribute Explained. Read all about it here!

From working for the CBC production house to being a part of the NBC show, he had done it all. Although he is better known for his role as a game show host in the game show Jeopardy, he has done many others as well. These include The Wizard Of Odds, the Magnificent Marble Machine, and Double Dare.

Alex started hosting Jeopardy! in the year 1984 after also becoming a neutral citizen of USA. Running in 8000 episodes with Alex for about 36 years, he was given a contract for working as a host on it till the year 2022.

The death of Alex Trebek and the tribute to him.

Back in March 2019, Trebek revealed that he was fighting and struggling with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. However, he had an upbeat attitude about it and made sure that he continued to do what he loved. Sadly, he died on November 8th of 2020.

He was so loved and admired that everyone from celebrities to politicians to his fans, people paid tribute to him like crazy. John Legend tweets – ‘I was obsessed with Jeopardy as a nerdy kid growing up in Ohio. I’ve loved and revered Alex Trebek since I can remember.

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What an iconic career. RIP Alex Trebek. ‘ On the other hand, we also have the famous show host Ellen Degeneres who paid tribute to him by saying that she sends love to him and his family. She admired her career in Jeopardy! for 36 years and says that he had an ‘Incredible career and a remarkable life.’

The social media is flooded with nothing but love and affection for him. We hope he rests in peace and continues to be remembered as a legend for generations to come.

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