Twitch deletes PogCamph emote because it is now the face of “further violence”

Twitch, an American video live streaming service was introduced in June 2011. It was mainly based on video game live streaming created by Justin Kan and Emmett Shear. Twitch is recently available on Amazon Prime too.

A very common term related to Twitch is PogCamph which denotes an emote .This emote is a small picture used by players while chatting in the live streaming. The PogCamph emote has the face of Ryan Gutierrez collected from his YouTube series.

Reason behind the removal of the emote

Twitch has deleted the famous PogCamph emote because Ryan was found encouraging further violence after the incident took place at the US Capitol. We are more or less familiar with the riot at the Capitol on Wednesday.

A woman was shot in the incident that broke out due to the supporters of Trump. Not only that, the supporters clashed with the police forces. This was first time in US when situation was uncontrollable even for the security. This was somewhere very shameful. And Rayn was seen promoting all this on social media.

Final decision of Twitch

After all the chaos, PogChamp emote, Ryan gave some controversial remarks on Twitter. He used #MAGAMartyr as well as raised a question. “Will there be civil unrest for the wen who was executed inside the Capitol today.

Or will the #MAGAMartyr die in vain”, stated Rayn. Most probably, he is seen supporting the violence in the name of seeking sympathy for the dead woman.

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As a result, Twitch took the decision of removing the emote permanently. “We have made the decision to remove the PogChamp emote following statements from the face of the emote encouraging further violence after what took place in the Capitol today”, Twitch stated on Twitter.

Apart from this, Twitch further informed that they will work with neighborhood to design a new emote for using during chats on Twitch. This is the official announcement made by them regarding the whole matter.

Are you guys satisfied with this decision?

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