Facebook is Focusing More on Followers: Removing Like Button after 12 Years

Facebook ‘like’ button is a feature on the social networking website. The like button of Facebook shows the popularity of a page. February 2009 was the date when we had 1st look at the Like button. But now Facebook has removed the like button and Facebook pages will show only followers and will have a dedicated newsfeed.

Facebook Pages to soon lose their like buttons, focus more on followers

Facebook has removed like button

The new design of Facebook was rolled out on January 6, 2021. It has dropped the like button from its redesigned public pages which was used by artists, actors, public figures and brands.

The officials told that they are focusing more on followers to simplify it. The Facebook officials told that they are making the site simpler for the people  to connect with their favorite pages. After this Facebook says the new design will officially begin to roll out to all Facebook pages after few months.

Facebook Pages to soon lose their like buttons, focus more on followers

The big change on social networking site

This is a big decision of change done in any social networking site because “like” feature was considered as a page’s true popularity and reach. Facebook users had once like the page but later they unfollowed the page to make their new feed free of its content as now they are no more interested in the page or they do not want to see the content of the page.

Sometimes some users like the page as a favor to a friend, but later they decline to receive its updates. Now Facebook says that followers of a page will be the metric at the forefront of the new experiment, they cleared that they have made it easier for the fans to receive contents from their favorite pages.

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Also in the new design the pages will have their own News feed. This depicts that the page can itself participate in conversations as the brand, and can follow the trends and do interact with their fans.

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