Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier: UFC 257 Full fight online, Match Date and all Updates

Because of COVID -19, we didn’t get to see fights last year. Many were canceled because of safety reasons. But it’s back now and we are going to see some actions. The sensational Conor McGregor is back in the ring.

He fought only once against Donald Cerrone last year. But at UFC 257, He is fighting again with One of the biggest lightweight fighter Dustin Poirier. We all know The great Khabib Nurmagomedov got retired last year after his father’s death and did not want to come back to the ring without his precious father. So the Title is an open subject from that time.


This epic fight will happen in Abu Dhabi, UAE on the UFC island. This is not going to the first time Conor will fight Dustin. Conor already defeated him six years before this epic battle at UFC 178.

But Poirier has been practicing since and he has become quite good at fighting. This will be shown in the match. All these years of practice have led to this match against Conor who by the way was defeated by the Undefeated Khabib in 2018.

But despite all this fuss with Poirier, people are already taking sides with Conor. Let’s see who will win in this battle of champions.


We all know how Conor reacts in Press Conferences. He is known for his aggression at these shows as recently we saw it on the press with Khabib and him.

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But still, UFC did not announce an official date for the conference of this fight. There are some sources which told us that this will happen on either 18 January or 19 January. Both of the dates are fine by the champions.


UFC and ESPN have signed a contract of partnership so that it can be viewed on TV. You can get a subscription to ESPN at $70.


The UFC has not assigned a time but from the record of UFC’s fight, We can guess it.


24 January – 2 pm – The Main Card starts.
24 January -12 pm – The Prelims starts.
24 January -10:30 am – The Early Prelims starts


24 January – 3 am – The main card starts
24 January – 1 am – The prelims start
23 January – 11:30 pm – The early prelims start


23 January – 10 pm – The main card start
23 January – 8 pm – The prelims start
23 January – 6:30 pm – The early prelims star

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