Who is Claire Spivey? Family, & Everything You Need to Know About Her.

It was totally out of the blue when fans of Counting On got to know that Justin Duggar was now engaged to his girlfriend Claire Spivey in November.

While fans were expecting Jana to announce as she was the next in line, a lot of them found Justin’s engagement a bit early. Since they did not get to see or know Claire much, they are hoping to know more about her.

Justin and Claire have made their Instagram public a few months ago. So one thing is for sure, fans will get to know a lot about them. Moreover, Claire could also be a more active part of Counting On, so they will be quite informed about how things are going. With that said, let’s see what do we currently know about Claire Spivey.

Who is Claire Spivey Family, & everything you need to know about her.

Justin is Younger than Claire

This November, Justin turned 18, which means that he was 17 when he proposed to Claire, who was 19 and turns 20 on February. Getting engaged at 18 does sound too early for a lot of people, leaving them wondering.

Who is Claire Spivey Family, & everything you need to know about her.

Family and Childhood

As we know how big of a family the Duggars are, with 19 children (Justin is the fourteenth child), it turns out that Claire has five siblings too. She is the oldest of the six.

“The Duggars mentioned about a camp ALERT where they go, so do the Spiveys. Moreover, like Justin, Claire and her siblings were also homeschooled. Because they have a similar upbringing and know each other, a relationship seems quite predictable.”

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Who is Claire Spivey Family, & everything you need to know about her.

They are Family Friends

Claire lives in Texas, and Justin lives in Arkansas. But their families know each other for the past two decades. Justin and Claire met each other at a family conference. After a few months, he asked Jim Bob, his father if he could start a relationship with her. It kind of gives an idea that their religious beliefs also get along.

Now that they are engaged, fans are wondering who will move out. But to be honest, neither Justin nor Claire would be dealing with strangers. Knowing the family can actually help get along. Moreover, Justin’s parents are supportive of his relationship.

They Have Dated For a Longer Time

Although Justin announced his ‘courtship’ on September and got engaged in November, the couple confessed that they have actually been together for longer. Justin and Claire were actually dating for 14 months until September when they announced it publicly.

Who is Claire Spivey Family, & everything you need to know about her.


Fans have pointed out that Claire looks a little like Jana, Justin’s older sister. This fact has been a bit of an eyesore among them, finding it strange.

Nonetheless, Claire is obviously a different being and Justin seems to care for he has much as he does for his family. Even the engagement ring was found to be similar to that of Jessa. Strange, but beautiful piece of jewelry though.

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