Upcoming Benedict Cumberbatch Movies And Shows: Doctor Strange 2, Sherlock Season 5 And More!

Benedict Cumberbatch or Benedict Timothy Cumberbatch is one of the classiest actors that we have witnessed in the Hollywood Film Industry. He has the voice, character and face that gives him a likeable edge. His movies have always been a hit due to his character. Somehow, we always find him in a role that fits him perfectly.

Cumberbatch has done remarkable movies such as Doctor Strange, been part of the Marvel movie series, Sherlock, the Imitation Game and much more. One of his movies movies- Doctor Strange has shadowed his classy and handsome character that has made him hit with a huge fan base.

In this article, we give you the up and coming movies and TV shows of Benedict Cumberbatch!

Doctor Strange 2.

Doctor Strange is a movie that revolves around the doctor turned into sorcerer – Dr. Strange. He was one of the best doctors around until he got into a huge accident. This ended up damaging his nerves and specially his fingers.

As a surgeon, this was a huge loss for him and broke his spirit. In order to search for a solution, he comes across The Ancient one who teaches him that life is much more than what he assumed to be. Post this, he ends up learning sorcery and joins them to save the world.

Doctor Strange 2 also revolves around a very important research by him about the Time Stone. He ends up being betrayed by a friend and unleashing an evil entity. The movie is said to be releasing in the year 2022.

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Sherlock Season 5.

After Season 4 of Sherlock where we got to know that Eurus was a psycho manipulator. He thoroughly enjoyed pestering her detective brother. The last season or the season finale also revealed that Eurus had actually also killed her bestfriend as a child. However, she had told this story a bit differently.

Season 5 should be revolving around the characters of Sherlock, Watson and Eurus. It is said to be released in 2022 or 2023. The directors and the writers have not yet talked about a rigid plot for the new season, however, they have hinted the fans for the same.

The Child In Time.

Cumberbatch is headed in a new direction after being casted in Sherlock. This movie is based on the 1987 classic novel – The Child In Time. The movie is said to be running 90 minutes.

The plot of the movie will be revolving around two characters – Stephen Lewis and his wife. Stephen is a renowned author. However, after this couple loses their daughter, they end up facing hard time together. This goes on until they reach the stage of acceptance.

No announcements have been made regarding the release date for the movie, however, stay tuned to Stanford Arts Review as we will keep you posted about any new updates!

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