Upcoming Anthony Mackie Movies and Tv Shows: What Does 2021 Have in Store for the Actor?

Anthony Mackie who is popularly known for his role as Falcon in Captain America, the star has many dynamic roles coming up for the year 2021.

He is currently under a contract for Disney+ series called, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Additionally, there are several other movies that the actor is booked for. Let’s quickly dive into the films and tv series roles that Anthony Mackie will play in 2021.

1)The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie has a unique dynamic and acts a Marvel’s most refreshing characters. Further, with Steve Rogers absence, the duo will have a show dedicated for themselves. This will be part of Disney+ series originals. Also, according to the series, Sam and Bucky will partake in a 6 episode limited show.

2) The woman and the window

This film is a psychological thriller A.J Finn’s novel of the same name. Antony Mackie will team up with Amy Adams for this film. According to sources, the story follows a psychologist Dr. Anna Fox who digs deep into a woman’s disappearance. Mackie will play Adam’s husband, Edward.

Upcoming Anthony Mackie Movies and Tv Shows: What Does 2021 Have in Store for the Actor?

3) Outside The Wire

This movie is another action-packed project that Anthony will partake in. In the movie which follows the direction of Mikael Håfström, the setting is in the future. Mackie is a drone pilot taking on a deadly mission in a military zone to locate a doomsday device. Furthermore, the film will be available to fans on Netflix.

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4) Signal Hill

This film covers the story of a legendary attorney Johnnie Cochran was a memorable figure who led the defence team following the O.J Simpson trial. Mackie will play Cochran but for a different case.


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