NASA Warns: Monstrous Asteroid as Huge as Eiffel Tower is Coming Toward the Earth

A gigantic asteroid is heading towards the planet Earth in early 2021. Nostradamus, a renowned French astrologer first made the claims regarding the passing of the asteroid. The astrologer hasn’t mentioned the exact date and time for the arrival of the asteroid but claimed that it is as big as the Eiffel Tower. Asteroids and NEOs regularly pass our planet within a few million kilometres away.

NASA previously reported that a monstrous asteroid has already flown past the planet earth. On January 3, an asteroid — as tall as the Golden Gate Bridge’s length — flew just 6.9 million kilometres away from the surface of the earth. Also, the scientists have already warned that another asteroid named 2021 AC is going to strike the earth’s orbit on Wednesday.

The asteroid, 2021 AC, is reportedly double the size of the popular Grear Pyramid of Giza. Meanwhile, the scientists have named the asteroid, which is almost the size of Eiffel Tower as 2021 CO247. However, this will fly a further away from the asteroid that flew over the past weekend. Astronomers expect that the asteroid 2021 CO247 will pass around 7.4 million kilometres away from the earth.

Along with the enormous asteroid, three other NEOs are also passing over our planet. Two of the three NEOs are the chunks of cosmic debris that has been named as 2020 YP4 and 2020 YA1. The 2020 YA1 is about 15 meters tall, which will pass 1.5 million kilometres away from the planet, while the 2020 YP4 will pass at 2.1 kilometres from the earth’s surface and is 21-meter tall.

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The third one, asteroid 2019 YB4 will pass the planet at a safe distance from the surface of the earth, which is 6.4 million kilometres far. Hundreds of asteroids usually pass across the planet, but astronomer records only a few of them. The asteroids that hurl directly towards the earth are easily noticed due to the explosion in the atmosphere. Nostradamus has made thousands of predictions and most of them are correct.



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