Megan Thee Stallion Address, DaBaby Criticism And Troll For Collab With Tory Lanez! Read more about it!

Dababy has been criticized multiple times for many of his actions. These include holding a concert in the pandemic, posting a lunch from Chik-Fil-A on twitter. Dababy has also been trolled for having just one gear in his flow. This time around, he is being trolled for collaborating with Tory Lanez.

Online trolling can take a toll on artists. However, sometimes they forget that even though the trollers are behind the screen, they make a huge negative impact on the celebrities who are human after all. Knowing this, Megan has a response for them this time.

Megan Thee Stallion Address, DaBaby Criticism And Troll For Collab With Tory Lanez! Read more about it!

The controversy between Tory and Megan.

There has been constant dissing between Tory and Megan. Tory from his album Daystar and Megan from her album Good News has been revolving around the incident when Tory was allegedly accused of shooting Megan in the feet after the two had an argument.

The footage that the police found saw Megan limping across from the car with blood marks that she left behind. However, there has been no conclusions to this case yet.

What does Megan has to say about the Collab between Tory and DaBaby?

Ever since fans have come across the news that their might be a possibility that Dababy and Megan might be dating, their reaction to the collaboration between Tory and Dababy has not received positive reaction. Dababy has been trolled for this as well.

Mostly, he is being trolled because everyone sees this as a betrayal by DaBaby towards Megan. One twitter account also wrote –

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‘DaBaby working with Tory Lanez is why Black Women be saying that we’re weak and embarrassing.’ This definitely means that ‘Crybaby’ will definitely be the last collaboration between DaBaby and Megan.

Women all over internet are saying that how can one expect respect from DaBaby’s side for Megan when he himself assaults women? Well, whether these are accusations or not, we can’t say for sure. What do you think of this situation? Let us know in the comments below.

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