How Tall is DaBaby? DaBaby Height, Net Worth, Career & More

Jonathan Lyndale Kirk popularly known as DaBaby is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He was born on 22nd December 1991 in Ohio, US. His first few albums were released between 2014 to 2018. But DaBaby came into recognition in 2019 after his two big albums- Baby on Baby and Kirk.  Blame it on was came out in 2020. And in this article, we’ll discuss DaBaby Height, Net Worth, Career & More.

DaBaby Height, Net Worth, and Career

DaBaby Height is 5ft 8inches (173cm ) tall and is currently 30 years old. He has been a fan of Eminem,  50Cent, and Lil Wayne as well as has grown up listening to them. These artists inspired him and thus he decided to become a rapper. He has worked for labels such as South Coast Music LLC, Equity Distribution, and 916% ENTERTAINMENT.

How Tall is DaBaby? DaBaby Height, Net Worth, Career & More

DaBaby achieved fame from his 2019 albums. His net worth is estimated to be 5million dollars. The album Kirk ranked number 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. Besides this, the song was his first big achievement.

DaBaby Family

As of the relationship, DaBaby’s partner’s name is not known. He has one daughter and one son. His father passed away in 2019.

Dababy recently lost his 34years old elder brother Glen Johnson. Glen was found dead with gunshot wounds and this incident took place on 3rd November 2020. Later it came out that Glen did suicide by shooting himself. This incident was shocking for DaBaby and because of this, he was in depression for a while.

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How Tall is DaBaby? DaBaby Height, Net Worth, Career & More

DaBaby Legal issues

Dababy is found guilty in many controversies. He is always in the headlines for his evil behaviour. His involvement in drug cases is one of them. He was found guilty of having a concealed gun too.

Apart from this, in 2018 a news broke out in the media that DaBaby shot a 19yers old boy name Jalyn Dominique Craig. He did so in order to save himself from getting robbed. Since it was for self-defense, he was prisoned for a year.

But what came out to be most viral was his death news. Dababy was rumored to be dead and it came out to be fake.

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