Why Women Kill Season 2: Release Date, Story And More!

A creation of Marc Cherry, Why Women Kill is a dark comedy that revolves around the lives of three women who are settled in three different time periods. It’s all about the different roles that women play in different decades, however, there is one thing common between all three of them and that is the fact that their husbands are involved in an affair.

This Series was published on the network CBS All Access. The series ends in a murder post revealing that the husbands are engaged in infidelity and how these women deal with it. Here we see three women, one is a housewife from the 60s, the second is a socialite from the 80s and the third one is a modern-day lawyer in the year 2019 representing the role of an independent, working woman.

Why Women Kill Season 2 Release Date 

As of yet, there is no release date of Why Women Kill, however, that means that we naturally expect Why Women Kill Season 2 to be released in the year 2021.

Why Women Kill Season 2: Release Date, Story And More!

Why Women Kill Story Synopsis

In Season 1, all three women live in the mansion of Pasadena, however, in three distinct time periods.

The three women are Ann Stanton from the 60s who’s a housewife, Simone Grove who is also a housewife from the 80s. Lastly, we have Taylor Harding who is a state attorney. She finds out about her husband cheating on her, but here is the twist – the husband and the wife are both attracted to the same woman.

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The end results in the woman killing the other human, the result of a series of events started off by a single action.

In the second season of Why Women Kill, we will see three new women with three distinct time periods and plots. However, if it will be similar to the plot of season 1, it is a high possibility that the end would result in these women killing, an end to a series of event, again, starting from a single scene.

Why Women Kill Season 2: Release Date, Story And More!

Why Women Kill Season 2 Cast

We will be seeing a brand new cast in season 2 of this series. The timid and awkward housewife role will be played by actress Allison Tolman. She is also an Emmy award winner and Golden Globe Award nominee. The veterinarian husband of Alma is a role which will be played by none other than Nick Frost.

The husband’s name is Bertram. Lana Parrilla, Cannon, Jordane Christie, Veronica Falcon, and Mathew Daddario will be joined by Virginia Williams and Eileen Galindo. We are definitely excited to see all of them work together to create another season of Why Women Kill!

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