NASA Confirms 5 major Asteroids Pass-by in 2021

The biggest news of today! NASA has updated us with the news of 5 major asteroids pass-by in 2021. If you have n Idea about what asteroids are, then here is an answer. Asteroids are minor planets that can neither be categorized as a proper planet nor as a comet. They are small rocky bodies orbiting the Sun.

Now, heading onto the main news, it is said by the agency that the asteroids would be hitting the planet tomorrow i.e., 6th January 2021.


NASA Confirms 5 major Asteroids Pass-by in 2021

The names of the asteroids are revealed by NASA. There are five of them. 2021AC with a speed of 50652kmph. Then comes the 2016CO247 with a speed of 60228kmph and 2021AJ with a speed of 45648kmph. The last two are 2018KP1 and 332446( 2008AF4) having speeds of 15948kmph and 39546kmph respectively. Moreover, the average diameter and the timings are also informed by the agency.

What about the size?

Looking at the speeds of the asteroids, we can assume them to be dangerous as well. But size also matters. Three out of five are comparatively smaller in size. Though 2021AJ is the smallest among the five but it enough to destroy an entire city. It is coming with a hing speed and energy similar to the Hiroshima bomb.

The two larger asteroids are 2016CO247 and 2008AF4 and the latter is the biggest between the two. They are said to be bigger than the Eiffel Tower. If any of the asteroids hits the planet, there could be a possibility of disaster.

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The asteroids are risky?

NASA Confirms 5 major Asteroids Pass-by in 2021

According to the space agency the asteroids are not dangerous doesn’t matter big or small. They are not risky or a threat. The asteroids are continuously being tracked due to its speed towards Earth and is 19.5times the distance between the Earth and the Moon, said by the agency.

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