Amber Heard Is Reportedly Getting Her Own Spin-Off As Mera On HBO Max : Here is all you can read about it!

Aquaman was a hit with a $1 billion dollar turnover. The fan following of both Mera and Aquaman made it to their social media as well. As we already know that Amber Heard has had her messy fallout with Johnny Depp and this has taken a toll on her career as well.

However, Warner Bros seem to be pretty happy with her role as Mera and since the role of Mera has a lot of content to be played around with, there have been rumors of a whole TV series to be built on the character of Mera.

Are these rumors true?

Since her fall out with Depp, she has faced a downhill in her roll in the movie Aquaman. While one source tells us that she might get her own TV Series, another tells us that due to her messy divorce, her role might get reduced in the movie Aquaman where she plays the role of Mera.

In fact, it has also been heard that there is supposedly an Asian actress who will either replace or be added to the movie in order to make sure the dynamics of the movie do not change a lot due to the reduction in the screen time of the character Mera.

What does this mean for Amber Heard and the movie Aquaman?

It all depends on the decision of the lawsuit and how heavy it is on Heard. A lot of fancs have been requesting the removal of this actress and confirm the replacement of her with the Asian actress that we are all hearing about.

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However, no matter what, a second movie of the Aquaman should be in line. The first movie was a hit and it made its debut in the superhero movie industry. Now the fans are eager to see the second one to know what role Heard plays in the movie or if she even plays a role in the movie and who will ultimately actively or passively replace her.

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