From Tom Hardy to Henry Cavill: Who is Best Suited to Replace Daniel Craig as 007

Daniel Craig prepares to take his leave from playing 007. With all the talent we have in the industry, who will be best suited to replace Craig? The film No Time To Die has taken a while to release but it was so close to being ready to publish.

Despite the preparedness, covid-19 ruined the plans of the film’s release leaving fans waiting for another few months. We’re so ready to see Daniel Craig play 007 for the last time so hopefully, the film comes out earlier! Besides this unfortunate news, the internet is swarming with guesses of who will play Bond next.

From Tom Hardy to Henry Cavill: Who is best Suited to Replace Daniel Craig as 007

Who will replace Daniel Craig as 007?

The past few months have seen names reaching headlines of Craig’s replacement. The most popular one among the list was Idris Elba. One more actor that fans would love to see on screen as Bond is Henry Cavill. Cavill himself is honored as he has attempted to audition for the role of James Bond. He has expressed a keen interest in taking up the role.

Henry Cavill goes on to say, “There are no conversations just yet, but we’ll see what happens. It would be a great, fun role to play.” Another actor whose name comes up is Micheal B Jordan. He is indeed a brilliant actor so maybe given the chance as Billie Eilish said, “he’d kill it”.

Finally, the last person’s name that pops up is none other than Tom Hardy. Tom is a versatile actor who has taken up roles of all sorts. His unique performances in Peaky Blinders, Warrior, Bronson etc, prove that he is capable of playing just anyone!

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Who do you think wins the prize? Are there actors that are not on the list you’d prefer instead? Let us know!

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