From Chris Pratt to Jeremy Renner: The Most Hated Marvel Actors, Here’s Why

We all have a favorite Marvel actor. Whether it is a child or a young boy he or she must be a fan of Avenger. And whoever watches Marvel movies has a favorite character picked by him or her. Some like captain America some iron man some like other characters. But there are some characters who failed to be el much popular and are hated by fans and critic.

Most hated Marvel actor

The role of hawkeye played by Jeremy Renner. The character of hawkeye is an Ace Archer of Avenger. He is a low man in the race of Marvel cinematic universe characters. Even with Joss Whedon’s effort to come up with a back story of Hawkeye that is with his wife, kids, and a secret hideaway of him, his character couldn’t come up with greater effect.

All these efforts couldn’t add much to ignite the Spark in his character which was needed for the fans. his character can never be compared to that of Thor or Iron man. Jeremy Renner as portrayal as hawkeye is pretty consistent.

From Chris Pratt to Jeremy Renner: The Most Hated Marvel Actors, Here's Why

He is a regular soldier with the high power of perfect aim and with multiple number of arrows with him. He doesn’t have that kind of presence on screen as that of a hero.

The role of ant man was performed by Paul Rudd. Ant-man is a different Hero to take seriously in the film. He can’t be dark like iron man’s character and also he can’t be much  heroic like that of Chris Evans’ character “captain America”.

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Chris Pratt was portrayed as Peter quill in in garden of Galaxy volume 2 and in Avengers: infinity war and in Avengers: endgame. His character was hated by fan as he couldn’t have done much justice to his role.

Poor Natasha: Black widow

Despite being a killer actress in many movies Scarlett Johansson’s character Black widow was always in controversies. The Black widow actress is also in the race of the most hated actors of Marvel. The reason is because her casting in in white washed movies where she plays the role of character who was initially a young Japanese girl.

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