Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 3 Release Date Delay Explained, January air Date Confirmed

The long-running NBC series Chicago Fire halted its broadcast not too long when it began. The show premiered its ninth season on November 11 and it had been merely two weeks before its halt. It is saddening for all the loyal fans, but its not too surprising. The pandemic has greatly disrupted the working of show business, leading to delays, abrupt endings, and mostly, cliffhangers.

Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 3 release date delay Explained, January air date confirmed

What Happened in The Last Episode?

The second episode of season 9, titled “The Kind of Heat”, showed Captain Matthew Casey rush to Paramedic Sylvie Brett as he reaches the site where Ambulance 61 crashed. Brett and Mackey make it alive. Later, Brett and Casey kiss each other but right after that she questions Casey if he still loves Gabby Dawson.

Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 3 release date delay Explained, January air date confirmed

Post the accident, Mackey faces a quandary about her place in Firehouse 51. On the other hand, Kidd reaches out to a girl who stops attending his program. Ritter risks his life saving a woman. Later he and Gallo unintentionally get to deal with paperwork in the bull pen.

The Delay

As mentioned before, the pandemic situation has caused a lot of uncertainties. The reason the third episode got delayed was because multiple members of the team got tested positive for COVID-19. To ensure that the airing goes back to normal, the delay does seem to be a better option.

What Could Happen Next?

The plot for the third episode “Smash Therapy” is not fully disclosed. However, a recent promo clip does show that the conversation between Brett and Casey continues. Casey tells Brett that his feelings are real for her regardless of Gabby, to which Brett replies “There is no regardless of Gabby. That is the point.”

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A lot happened between Casey and Gabby Dawson, before her leaving in the sixth season. She does appear a couple of times in later seasons. In case she makes an appearance now or later, things could shake up too early between Casey and Brett.

The firefighter drama series would resume its telecast on January 6, 2021. Unlike the previous seasons that had around 23 episodes, with the eighth season ending with 20; Season 9 will have 15 episodes. The series has already been renewed for season 10 and season 11 in prior.

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