Apple foldable iPhone scheduled for 2022 release date, internal documents reveal

We have great news for Apple users.

Samsung is one of the companies that have launched foldable phones along with Motorola, Microsoft and Huawei. Samsung has already released two foldable phones “The Galaxy Fold” and “The Galaxy Flip Z.” Apple is looking up at these companies and is planning to bring out its first-ever foldable iPhone. Apple’s new Foldable iPhone is set to release next year in 2022 and stay with us if you want to know the more exact date.

According to reports, the 2022 foldable iPhone may use OLED or MicroLED technology for its screen.

Apple takes help from Taiwan companies

If we believe reports then Apple is passionately working on its first Foldable iPhone and Apple is regularly in contact with its material suppliers that are Hon Hai and Nippon Nippon and these are from Taiwan.

Money.udn.com, the Taiwanese Media firm also revealed that Apple is working on the new mobile phone and is looking forward to bring it out in the next year. Apple will use Samsung’s help for the future iPhone display. New Nikko is going to be the main supplier for this device and Hon Hai will assemble the new device.

The Taiwanese company Nippon Nippon will be a huge help to Apple as it will provide bearings for the foldable iPhone and Nippon Nippon will also help the Apple in research and development. The upcoming phone will require lots of testing before it is released just to make sure that it is working properly.

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What Jon Prosser has to say?

The famous leaker and YouTuber Jon Prosser confirmed that Apple is in its initial stages of building the new iPhone. He also told in his new video that was for the Front Page Tech Channel that Apple is currently testing the outer shell of the new foldable iPhone at Foxconn Factory in Shenzhen, China.

The famous leaker also disclosed the concept images of the future iPhone and from that, we can say that design of the foldable iPhone will be similar to the Samsung Galaxy Flip Z.

Prosser also revealed that Apple is currently working on two devices and after all the testing and experimenting Apple is going to select one device which will be the new iPhone and first foldable phone for the company.

It is going to release next year but when in 2022

According to reports and if the reports are true then we can see the first foldable iPhone in September 2022. If we believe the leaker Jon Prosser then he also said in his new video that we can expect the new iPhone next year which means 2020 is going to be a year full of advancement in technology and we will see some new gadgets from Apple.

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