How to make Android Origami: fun tutorial shared by Google

Recently, Google has shared a very fun tutorial to make android origami mascot . Here are the details of the tutorial and the video for that .

Fun tutorial shared by Google

Google has recently shared a video tutorial of how to make an android Origami. This is a 30 steps procedure and gets an android paper of our own. the tutorial is of making origami using a 15×15 cm paper sheet. We will take a greenish color paper as of the logo of Android, however, we can use any color paper.

How to make Android Origami: fun tutorial shared by Google

It is a very crazy activity to do in our free time and a very great thing for an android lover obviously. This procedure was made by Lisa Nguyan Quang Do , a software engineer at Google. In this you have to fold the paper as given in the video tutorial and everyone can try it for fun.

Video of the tutorial

here is the video of the tutorial to make android origami given by google .

the video is of 11 minutes and you have to follow each and every step given in the video for an exact android origami. In this the seven sides will form the arc and each step is given in a very detailed way.

What is origami?

Origami is basically art in which we fold the paper to make the desired shape. It is very much popular in Japan and China and associated with many cultures. We can make very creative designs through this paper folding art.

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