Alien Visited Earth in 2017: Confirms by Harvard Professor

Things are getting really weird after 2020 ends. Recently a Harvard professor- Avi Loeb claimed that Alien Visited the Earth in 2017. The only thing that didn’t happen in 2020 is the entry of Alien. But after the statement of the Harvard professor given, it seems that Alien may arrive soon. 

Avi stated that an odd space object entered the earth back in 2017, which likely to say that intelligent life is there in the solar system. 

People are still standing in the same question- “Is it true that aliens are there outside the earth?”. But haplessly, we are lacking to answer such questions till now. 

When did the object hit the earth?

On 6 September 2017, a strange space object that looked like a UFO appeared near a star before entering the earth. The object comes from the star Vega and flew to Venus at a rate of 58,900 miles per hour. Slowly, it came close to earth on 7 October 2017 and entered our earth on 19th October. 

Alien Visited Earth in 2017: Confirms by Harvard Professor

Pan-STARRS named the space object as “Oumuamua[Hawaiian word for a messenger] ” which is the first interstellar object found inside the solar system. 

Is it a comet or a real space object?

Initially, Avi Loeb states that the object is a “Comet” which looks like a shiny rock. Oumuamua is strangely bright and seems ten times more reflective than other comets. 

Later Oumuamua moved fast away from the sun and spinning for eight hours- clearing the fact that the object is not a comet.

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Alien Visited Earth in 2017: Confirms by Harvard Professor


Astronomers start to discover the object’s dimension to get to know more about it. In Epiphany, the Oumuamua reflected sunlight at a similar brightness. 

After that, Loeb said that “No natural space object looks like that”. Then here comes the question of “Is there anything intelligent beyond Human life?”.

However, Loeb believes in extraterrestrial life out there, sending the intelligent space object just to spy on the earth. Loeb wrote a book on this strange object- Oumuama just to vigilant other astronomers for next visitors.

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