Solo Leveling Chapter 134: Will Jin Woo be Able to Save Japan from Gate Break

Solo Leveling is a South Korean web Novel illustrated and written by Chugogng. The Novel made its release on 4th March 2018 and is still running- totally of 3 volumes. 

People are really anticipating Chapter 134 in the novel which is gonna be out on 7th January 2021. The whole plot is about a hunter- Sung Jin-Woo [Protagonist] and other hunters named him as “the weakest”. All of a sudden, every hunter trapped in a dungeon where some will be dead and others try their best to escape from.

Solo Leveling Chapter 134: Will Jin Woo be Able to Save Japan from Gate Break

In that test, Jin-Woo will be dead, but later on, getting conscious after he turned into a pro-player hunter. So the challenge accosts Jin-woo, will he become an adroit Hunter or not?

What do we see in the previous chapter of Solo Leveling?

In the previous chapter, we have seen- A giant monstrous creature stands next to the Gate without any movement. The reporters standing clueless about ‘How many monsters has been out as of now?’. One of the reporters said that the Gate has been open for the last two days and fearing the deleterious to the City. 


On the other hand, Sung Ji-woo said to Jin-Ho about going to Japan. Later they decided to go to Japan together but Sun was just joking about going to Japan and staying there with him. Things exacerbated after the Red Gate Incident, Jejudo Raid, and Dungeon. 

Sun Ji-Woo really wants to solve these problems before going to Japan, but at the same time- he is the weakest hunter and doesn’t have any confidence in him.

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He uses his shadow soldier power and contacts Yoo Myung-Han. Jin-Woo refuses to help Myung Han and stays with his family. 

Now the big question is “Will Jin-woo go to Japan and help to get the monster back to the Gate or not?” 

Stay tuned and watch what’s gonna happen next.

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