Serial Killer Samuel Little Dies at 80: Know more

Samuel little was an American serial killer and serial rapist who was convicted in 2012 for the murders of three women in California. He died in  California on 30th December 2020.

Early life of the serial killer

Samuel little was born on 7th June 1940 in Georgia. He was brought up by his grandmother and it is believed that his mother was a sex worker. In his schooling he had problems with discipline and achievement. He was not so good in studies. Later he moved to Florida in his 20s to live with his mother where he started working as a cemetery worker and as an ambulance assistant.

In 1961 he was sentenced to three year imprisonment for breaking into a furniture store, after three years he was released in 1964. He had been arrested in many crimes including theft rape fraud assault attacks on officials till 1975.

Serial Killer Samuel Little Dies at 80: Know more

The serial killer

He was America’s most deadliest serial killer. Little mostly targeted black women including sex workers, prostitutes as he believed that this would draw minimal attention from a distant law system. His victims also included drug addicts. With having these backgrounds of Victim meant that many of the death attributed to natural cause, drug overdose or accident.

He claimed to killed 93 women but the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have only confirmed little’s involvement in fifty murders. He has the largest number of proven cases for a serial killer in United States history under his name. He is also known as Samuel Mc Dowell and The Choke and Stroke killer.

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Serial Killer Samuel Little Dies at 80: Know more

He was a boxing player and used to knock her the victim. He used punches to strangle the women as this method will leave no sign on the body of the victim and thus difficult to prove his crime.

He was serving a full-time imprisonment for the whole life for the  murder of three women. Till 30 December he had confessed to killing 93 women between 1970 and 2005. But many deaths were never investigated some bodies have never been found as per the agency.

He died at the age of 80 in a hospital in California. The cause of the death is not yet known.



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