Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves’ Feud on Batman Set: Pushed to Breaking Point by ‘Control Freak’

Robert Pattinson has some big shoes to fill with his new upcoming role as Batman! The most popular movies among fans are probably Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. After Christian Bale, Ben Affleck continued the DC character’s footsteps.

Now, we’re all excited to see what Pattinson has in store for us. How well will he portray Bruce Wayne? He’ll definitely need to put in the extra work to be known as everyone’s next favourite Batman. Nevertheless, does this mean the actor should be pushed beyond his limits under Reeves? Let’s find out!

Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves' Feud on Batman Set: Pushed to Breaking Point by 'Control Freak'

The drama

Director Matt Reeves and Pattinson at the moment, seem to be having a fallout. Seemingly, inside sources have said that Reeves has been overworking the star. He forced Robert to take almost 50 takes in the hefty suit.

This has caused Robert as well as the crew to feel exhausted. Reeves is seemingly a perfectionist. Any little screw-up means another hour of retaking the scene. Insiders speak about Matt, “Some­times it’s like he doesn’t know when to stop.”

Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves' Feud on Batman Set: Pushed to Breaking Point by 'Control Freak'

Sure, it is a daunting task to cast a new star for batman and WB can’t really disappoint fans with a poor depiction of the film. But perhaps this may burnout everyone involved in the crew. Robert and the crew are all worn out by the end of the day because of Reeves’s desire for perfection.

Despite this, we don’t really blame Matt. The pressure also falls on the director and that could perhaps explain the reason for his fastidiousness. He is literally up against Nolan in making a new Batman film so the pressure is really on.

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The movie was supposed to be out by March 4th 2022, however, the pandemic pushed dates further. This was especially after Pattinson was tested positive for Covid-19. Let’s hope the feud between everyone mellows down for now!

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