Fate/Grand Carnival OVA Release date Announced for 2 Seasons

With 2021 rolling in, there is a new surprise for all the anime lovers. This new year will see the release of two seasons of Fate/Grand Carnival which is an OVA. The first season of this anime is scheduled to release on 2nd June in the form of DVD as well as Blu-ray. The second season of Fate/Grand Carnival will do the same on 25th August.

Recent Developments

Fate/Grand Carnival OVA Release date Announced 2021 all 2 seasonsFans were excited to see the recent visual promotional video released on YouTube. The video got good reviews from the fans. However, the video of Fate/Grand Carnival is region locked so you’ll have to go to the Twitter page of this OVA to check the video for yourself.

A famous anime streaming platform, Crunchyroll, reported that each “season” of Fate/Grand Carnival comprises a half hour episode. As the fans must already be aware that the first season aired as a part of Type Moon’s New Year’s Eve showcase.

About Fate/Grand Carnival OVA

Fate/Grand Carnival OVA Release date Announced 2021 all 2 seasons

The anime has Seji Keshi as the director, who directed animes like Radiant, Kengan Ashura, Carnival Phantasm, and Asobi Asobase. It has Makoto Uezu as series composer who has worked in several anime named Radiant, Carnival Phantasm, and Kengan Ashura.

Fate/Grand Carnival OVA has Kazuaki Morita and Tomohito Hirose as chief animation directors as well as character designers. There are other talented staff members like Tomoyuki Kunii (photography director), Ayumi Miyakoshi (art director), Yasuhara Takanashi and Keita Haga (music composers).

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The cast of Fate/Grand Carnival OVA

Fate/Grand Carnival OVA Release date Announced 2021 all 2 seasonsThe anime has an ensemble of some of the most talented people like Akira Sekine, Rie Takahashi, Maaya Sakamoto, and Sakura Tange. Akira plays the character of Ritsuka Fujimura whereas Rie is casted as Mash Kyrielight. Maaya is called Leonardo Da Vinci in this anime and Sakura plays the character of Nero Claudius.

Prior to the full reveal of Fate/Grand Carnival OVA, it was teased as Fate/Grand Order. After the release of teaser visuals on December 2 as well as December 24, it became clear that Fate/Grand Carnival is a comedy spin-off for Fate/Grand Order.


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