Cobra Kai Season 3 Ending Explained: Who is Kreese Calling at the End? All Valley Tournament Begins in Season 4

The highly anticipated third season of martial-arts drama, Cobra Kai dropped on the first day of the new year 2021 on Netflix. Following the eventful second season finale, things aren’t going well for those involved with karate in the San Fernando Valley. A brutal brawl that started among the students of Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do leads to the series of troublesome and unfortunate events.

Miguel suffers horrible injury after Robby kicks him from a school balcony, resulting Miguel in going into a coma. Also, Johnny losses his Karate dojo, Cobra Kai and John Kreese take over, He also loses his love interest and Miguel’s mother in the process. Meanwhile, Johnny’s rival Daniel LaRusso’s wife, Amanda tells him to stop karate and close Miyagi-do for good.

In the third season, Daniel and Johnny team up to search Robby, who is on the run from police. They find Robby and convinces him to surrender and have lessened his punishment. Meanwhile, Miguel wakes up from a coma but couldn’t stand on his feet due to the injury. Johnny finds a way to cure Miguel and helps him recover as he was before. Daniel visits his former sensei’s hometown Okinawa after losing a business deal with Doyona Industries.

Cobra Kai Season 3 Ending Explained

Tory, who instigated the brawl in the second season. again leads the second wave of the brawl in the third season finale. The allied students of Miyagi-do and Eagle Fang fight against the members of Cobra Kai at Daniel’s residence. Sam and Tory also fight against each other, but this time Sam overcomes her fear against Tory and defeats her. Also, Miguel, who was having trouble fighting properly finally gains control and defeats Kyler.

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Elsewhere, Johnny learns about the latest brawl and starts a fight with Kreese, overpowering him in a fistfight. However, Robby steps in and pushes Johnny and Johnny gets knocked out. While Johnny was still unconscious, Kreese wants to murder him, but Daniel comes in rescue. Daniel and Kreese begin their sparring, in which Daniel easily gets the upper hand after using new techniques learnt from Chozen.

Kreese, after the fight, calls Terry Silver aka Twig for help as to return a favour for saving his life in the Vietnam War. Terry or Twig is the same guy whom Kreese saved from death while they were imprisoned in Vietnam. He is an extremely wealthy figure, who bought Cobra Kai in the third original Karate Kid film. The upcoming season will potentially feature his return and he will support Kreese financially and through his manipulative way.

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