Cobra kai Season 3 : Nichole Brown Won’t Be Returning & Here’s Why – Read all about it here!

A creation of Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, Cobra Kai is a martial arts comedy-drama which has originated based on the fil ‘The Karate Kid’ by Robert Mark kamen.

We see Rlaph Machhio and William Zabka starring as the main characters in this. Along with being the main characters, they are also co-executive producers of the series. Other than these two, we also see Xolo Mariduena, Jacob Bertrand, Courtney Henggeler, Tanner Buchanan, Marry Mouser and Payten List.

Cobra kai Season 3 : Nichole Brown Won't Be Returning & Here's Why - Read all about it here!

The series revolves around the character named Johnny Lawrence who seeks to make a come back through Danile LaRusso. This event is taking place thirty four years after the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament where he did not succeed the way he wanted to. The search of his redemption takes place after reopening the Cobra Kai Dojo.

Nichole Brown (Aisha Robinson) Won’t be returning in Cobra Kai Season 3!

The second ever student of Johny and an important member of the Cobra Kai Doja, Aisha was also an old childhood friend of Mary Mouser. However, they both became estranged at the start of season 1.

Appearing for 9 out of 20 episodes, Nichole Brown has made a huge impact on the series, however, the it was confirmed back in August 2019 that she won’t be making a return in Cobra kai season 3. Now, even the producers, writers and also Nichole herself has an answer to our questions as to why this is happening.

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Why is Nichole Brown not returning to Cobra Kai?

We have two sides to this story. One of the producers and the writers and another side where Nichole speaks for herself.

Cobra kai Season 3 : Nichole Brown Won't Be Returning & Here's Why - Read all about it here!

According to the former, every character has to have a certain entry and exit point in the series. Sometimes, it is important to exit the show at the right time for them to make a bigger impact when they return.

They also told the reader and their fans that just because a character is being removed from the season, it does not mean that their return is never going to take place. Everything has a right time to take place.

However, Nichole addressed her absence in the series on her stories. She also stated that this decision was not voluntary considering that she also mentioned previously on a tweet that she needed the role due to her poor financial condition. According to her, she was not part of season 3 because the writers couldn’t find a role for her to fit in for season 3.

For the fans, an easy explanation in the plot is assumed to be that after the school brawl that resulted in the coma of Miguel, Aisha decides to leave Cobra kai. This would also give another reason for Tory to be bitter towards Samantha.

Now, whatever the reason may be, one thing is confirmed and that is Nichole Robinson will not be returning to Cobra Kai season 3 and it does really seem to be a very controversial decision between the fans as well.

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