Giancarlo Esposito Wants a Gus Fring Spin Off after Better Call Saul Season 6 & That’s Great

After the character Gus Esposito in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul; everyone expecting a separate platform that centralizes Gus’s story. 

Giancarlo Esposito’s Gus Firing was last seen in season 4- the last episode of Breaking Bad. where he feels so broken after losing everything in a bomb explosion. Later taking over his role as a Drug dealer in Better Call Saul. 

Who is Gus Fring? Who impersonated the role? 

Gustavo Fring is acting by Giancarlo Esposito, who is holding a chain of fast-food chicken restaurants. Later becoming an evil drug lord in both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul; Gus is responsible and doesn’t cross the line. As we have seen the character of Gus being feared before coming to American and later turning into a notorious drug dealer in the city. Gus becoming the page-turner in the story, which is highly awaiting in the upcoming series. 

Breaking Bad spin-off “Rise of Gus” where the plot completely converges on the character “Gus Firing”.

People are craving to see Esposito in the Spin-off of Breaking Bad as Gus Fring- playing the villainous role again.

Is it true that Esposito was Gus Fring in Rise of Gus?

Better Call Saul is finally concluding with its sixth installment, where you see the Gus Character also ending. But after seeing that, Esposito has no idea to quit the role of Gus and likely to appear in the prequel of Breaking Bad.

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Esposito already gave an interview on the prequel of Rising of Gus where “Gus coming from political loyalty and the world of order”. “He is a man from the military government, so well-known to handle a country but he prefers a different path to rule himself. Here “The Rise of Gus” is all about on that path which Gus chose”

Esposito held a twice nomination at Prime Emmy Award for his role Gus Firing, so people are urging to see that character on a separate screen. 


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