Netflix Finally Announced the Renewal of Emily In Paris: Check Out The Cast, Expected storyline and Release Date

Emily In Paris season 2 is finally arriving which made our quarantine more Palatable. The drama ended in an enigma, where Emily has to decide either Gabriel or Camile to have a good life in Paris. The series earned positive reviews, enhancing French and American cultures together.

What do we see in Emily In Paris season 1?

The story begins in Chicago, where Emily’s boss gets pregnant who was supposed to go to Paris for a business trip. In the case of her boss, Emily takes responsibility and goes to Paris- who doesn’t know anything in French. She works for a company in Paris as Market executor, where they discourage American’s opinions. Emily’s new boss[Sylvie] in Paris hates her because she thinks all Americans are showy and advanced.

 Emily works sedulously to impress her boss. Meanwhile, she gets new friends in professional as well as in personal life. 

Emily meets her new neighbor- Gabriel becoming her crush and even starts to fall in love. But later, Emily found out that Gabriel is Camille’s [ Emily’s best friend] boyfriend. 

What can we expect in the second season?

I assure that Season 2 will entertain us with the same energy it had in the first season. On 11 November 2020, Netflix officially gave a green signal on the second season. Even casts have created a video and posted it on their social media, saying “excited for Emily In Paris 2”.

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Plenty of questions spinning in our minds about: Will Emily discovers her love life in ‘The City of love’-Is it Gabriel or Mathieu Cadault?. Will Emily revert to Chicago or gonna stay forever in Paris?. Still, we don’t know the reason why Antoine acquired the restaurant for Gabriel- It is for Emily? What happened to Antoine’s affair with Sylvie?

Emily In Paris Season 2 Cast:

  • Lily Collins as Emily Cooper
  • Philippine Leroy as Sylvie
  • Ashley Park as Mindy- Emily’s friend in Paris
  • Lucas Bravo as Gabriel
  • Camille Razat as Camile- Emily’s friend and Gabriel’s girlfriend.
  • William Abadie as Antoine Lambert
  • Charles Martins as Mathieu Cadault.

As per the reports, we could see Emily In Paris in the mid of 2021, because of the Pandemic. So stay tuned and anticipate the next announcement. 


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