My Hero Academia Chapter 296: Midnight’s Dead and Deku’s New Power Revealed

People a lot of times address “My Hero Academia” by its Japanese name “Buko no Hero Academia” and to a surprise, people do remember this Manga series with its Japanese name.

There are many moments when non-Japanese anime and manga fans don’t remember the Japanese name of their favorite manga and anime show but this isn’t the case when it comes to My Hero Academia as this manga series has made a special place in everyone’s heart all across the globe. It has both hit manga series and anime series under its belt and people love everything about Buko no Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia Chapter 296: Midnight’s Dead and Deku’s New Power Revealed

My hero academia is very consistent when it comes to releasing the new chapters in the manga series as the creators always want to keep their fans on their toes.

This Shonen manga releases a new chapter every Sunday and this upcoming Sunday it was Chapter 296 turn to continue the story but this time it is taking a weekly break because the holiday in Japan has kept the Weekly Shonen Jump away from the press. This famous magazine will make a comeback next year and we will tell you the release date of the next chapter and dear Otakus it is very near so stay with us if you want to know.

What will happen next?

According to BlockToro, the upcoming chapter in the manga will show the consequences and after effect of the fight between the Heroes and League of villains.

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The new chapter will bring sad and good news for Deku fans as he is able to master the new quirk called Danger sense which has passed down from his predecessors and also we will see him healing from his wounds. Gigantomachia and Shigaraki caused a lot of problems and the new chapter will reveal how much damage they have caused and how many people lost their lives because of them.

My Hero Academia Chapter 296: Midnight’s Dead and Deku’s New Power Revealed

296 will be sad because many of the characters will be in hospital so that they recover and also Deku will find himself waking up in the hospital and we all know how passionate and great he is when it comes to saving people as after getting a lot of injuries we will see him forcing himself to go out and help others and make the situation better. According to Devdiscourse, we can see Deku versus Shigaraki and sadly midnight is dead.

The next chapter will be out on….

The all-new chapter of the Shonen manga series My Hero Academia will be out on this coming Sunday which is January 3rd, 2021.

I am very excited about the new chapter and with the break, my craving for it is increased. Are you excited?

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