Halsey Opens Up About Her Eating Disorder: Graphic Image Triggers Fans, She Apologises

Celebrities are much like any of us. They are normal human beings with the same vulnerability of acquiring serious diagnoses. On Sunday, the star Halsey posts a very graphic image of herself at “her lowest point” while battling with an eating disorder. In the post, she was nearly nude and the photo seemingly popped with no warning.

The next day, baffled fans commented on the photo saying there must be a trigger warning before posting pictures like these. She then sets up an apology for “not providing a sufficient trigger warning”. She tweeted out the following:

Halsey Opens Up About Her Eating Disorder: Graphic Image Triggers Fans, She Apologises

Indeed, we appreciate Halsey’s rawness and openness to bring light to the topic of eating disorders. However, without sufficient trigger warnings provided to fans, the image could potentially harm the mental psyche of any viewer. We love how she took the responsibility into her own hands and dealt with the issue herself.

The drama apparently starts when a social media trend called “post of picture of…” One person allegedly asked her to post a picture of “her lowest point”. Halsey is clearly unafraid of voicing her struggles about mental health and body image. Surely, as with most things, it is easy to misinterpret a celebrity’s message. Fans believe that this is a negative way of sharing struggles that could potentially trigger eating disorders to viewers. Either way, she put an end to the controversy and apologized to fans for posting the photo.

In an industry where actresses are hailed for being frail and tiny, it is no surprise that Halsey struggles with this issue. As she was honest enough to open up about these issues, it would be respectable from the fans’ end to support the artist. It’s important to let anyone with this disorder know that thier battles are not fought alone.

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