Tom Holland and Zendaya a Complete Relationship Timeline: Dating History and More

Spider-man homecoming co-stars Tom Holland and Zendaya are the most intensely rumored celebrity couples of all time. They are yet to make their status Instagram official.

Tom Holland and Zendaya dating history

In July 2016 after the announcement as the cast of the movie Spider-Man homecoming as the cast the duo begin to share each other’s posts on Instagram and also started showing love to each other’s posts on social media accounts. In November 2016 Zendaya posted their Hollywood reporter cover writing officially.

In May 2017 the Co-stars continued accompanying each other to high-profile events and programs, in July 2017 People magazine published that the couple is dating each other since long back. In August 2017 they denied the affairs stating that they are just friends. Zendaya and Tom kept denying any romantic angle in their relationship. in June 2019 Holland shoots down Tom and Zendaya’s dating rumors again.

Tom Holland and Zendaya a complete relationship timeline: Dating History and more


According to fans the couple are like perfect soulmates. They are always seen hanging out together, posting pictures together, showing much much love to each other on social media accounts, but despite these things the two stars have never confronted that they are more than friends.

They have always denied their relationships on public platforms by saying that they are only friends until Skai Jackson’s mother spill the beans by replying to an Instagram post in which she confronted that Tom Holland and Zendaya are in a relationship and are keeping a very low profile on it.

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But we don’t know whether they are secret lovers or best friends but whatever relationship they have they are definitely a magical couple. The way in which Tom tags Zendaya in his posts is very cute and shows some low-key flirting which is very interesting for the fans. Fans are eagerly for the two birds to make their status as an official item.

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