My Hero Academia Season 5 Release Date Confirmed by Trailer 2 on Youtube

My Hero Academia season 5 release date has been released as we can see in the second trailer of the anime series. here are the details for the same.

Release date of the series – My Hero Academia Season 5

As we all know it is one of the biggest franchise and most famous anime series. the next season will be premiered or release on 27 March 2021. It was confirmed on 18 December 2020 on the official website of My hero academia as well as in the second trailer released on youtube for the anime series.

 My Hero Academia Season 5 Release Date Confirmed by Trailer 2 on Youtube

Fans could also see the second half of season 5 releasing in September- October. The anime is very much popular among the people so the fans are very much excited about the renewal for season 5 . season 4 for the series has been ended in April this year.

The trailer of My Hero Academia season 5

the first trailer of the anime series has been released on 3 October 2020 but in that, the release date was not confirmed. But on 18 December 2020, the second trailer has been released, and in that the release date is out. You can see trailer 2 for the series in the below youtube video.

The popularity of the series

The series is immensely popular and got a very high rating from the fans. It is rated 8.19 out of 10 on MyAnimelist, 8.5 out of 10 on IMDB, and scored 90 percent on the website of rotten tomatoes. it has got most of the reviews positive and is vastly famous among the people.

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