Apple Bringing Back In-Display Touch ID in iPhone 13: Leak Breakdown

In-display Touchpad unlock in iPhone 13

The market’s one of the biggest tech competitors, Apple is all set to test one of the most rumored prototypes to the new upcoming iPhone 13. The iPhone series which recently launched three variants to the iPhone 12 series has been a huge hit.

It was confirmed that the iPhone 13 would have the same in-display touch unlock that continued till the iPhone X series. The same fingerprint sensor authentication technology that as introduced in iPhone 5.

Apple, which currently has 2 prototypes to it, in the FPT video, displayed one of the two prototypes being tested with the under touch ID.  Despite the company already proclaimed that Apple wouldn’t go back to the same tech. Apple included the touch ID in the iPad Air, released this year. John Prosser mentioned that Apple is working with the prototype and may instill the same if it satisfies the conditions.

A twist

The Apple iPhone 13 has also been declaring a major alteration. The in-display touch unlocks, if at all persist in the new 13 series then the model would undergo physical changes to the appearance. The age-old model with a Touch ID sensor won’t take a massive bezel at the bottom of the screen like before. Rather it would be placed somewhere else.

Apple Bringing Back In-Display Touch ID in iPhone 13: Leak Breakdown



The touch ID was replaced by face ID after repeated constraints to late touch response and the face unlock being technically a faster and secure way to unlock. Another theory to the calling of in-display touch unlocks id is that due to covid, people faced difficulty in unlocking their devices when wearing a mask.

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So the touch would also assist in some way or the other to face the situation. This doesn’t mean that the face ID unlock would be removed but included in the new series as well. However, the in-display unlock may be mounted on the home button as predicted. Implementing both face and touch unlock on an iPhone would allow dual authentication.

Apple Bringing Back In-Display Touch ID in iPhone 13: Leak Breakdown

The 13 series line up may unveil around the fall of 2021. If Apple does choose to integrate touch ID in the 13 line up, then a lot of technology in the series would face alterations.


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