PS Plus Free Games January 2021 Prediction: Free PS4 and PS5 Games & More

The new year, as well as the new month, is just around the corner. This means that the gamers would be enjoying a new list of free PS4 and PS5 games. Sony regularly announces the line-up for free console games on the last Wednesday of every month. However, the schedule might get delay this month due to the holidays and festival. Fans enjoyed last month line-up and are expecting that new year’s line-up would be more interesting.

Since there is no big release coming on January 2021, we can expect the list of top games for PS Plus members. As we look back into the previous months, Sony released two free PS4 games and one next-gen PS5 game. There are high chances that Sony would follow a similar line-up. However, the thing may not be the same for January as it is the new year and the first month of 2021.

The games that are available for free every month are playable for limited months only. Some games will leave the platform after Sony announces new list of games. Those removed games would be replaced by some new and popular games, apart from the normal line-up. Although Sony hasn’t revealed the official announcement date, multiple reports suggested two probable dates.

The first tentative release date is the last Wednesday of December while the other is January 5th 2020, along with PS Now games.

Free PS4 and PS5 Games Predictions for January 2021

While there are multiple January PS Plus games prediction available on the internet, we have sorted the best and most probable games to debut on PS Plus this January. The games that debuted on the PS Plus in December were Rocket Arena, Just Cause 4, and Worms Rumble. Now, the predictions for next month include:

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Hitman 2

Hitman 2 is the best bet for January 2021 line-up. IO Interactive is reportedly going to release the third instalment of popular stealth game across gaming consoles and PC on January 2021. The first game is already available on the platform and releasing Hitman 2 weeks before releasing Hitman 3 looks smart move to attract gamers.


The role-playing game released back in November for PS5 but failed to impress the gamers. Gearbox is planning to release the game for Xbox later in 2021, so releasing on PS Plus for free may aid in attracting enough attention for Xbox release.






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