World War 3 News 2021 Prediction and Events

About World War 3: A Huge Storm

World War 3 is a huge war refers to the next and high level worldwide military conflict. World war this term is usually describe two previous conflicts of the 20th Century. There is a fact about ‘Balkan Nostradamus’, was a blind woman who was born in 1911.

Someone said that they had a paranormal powers and also had the ability to see the future and made predictions. Followers of that woman believe she correctly predicted a number of events in world history.

The believers said that she also had some scary powers related to their predictions about the world war 3.

World war 3 news 2021 prediction and events

Before she died she said something: “Everything will melt away like ice yet the glory of Vladimir, the glory of Russia, are the only things that will remain.

United States, France and United Kingdom launched missile strikes for revenge to control President Bashir al-Assad, who is undercover by Russia.
Putin issuing threats and describe the strike like “an act of aggression”.They issue such notice at that time beacuse of western strike only.

Some events which is necessary for everyone to know

China has given a clear warning to the US that it will fulfill Mao Zedong’s dream by occupying Taiwan in 3 days if a military conflict brust. The Chinese government has warned the US that the country is preparing for war and the Army of China will occupy Taiwan before 2021.

We all are hearing the rumours about China can now attack Taiwan anytime. And we all know that the War against Taiwan simply means the war against with the US it definitely means world war. Now a days China trying to occupying Taiwan before its 100th anniversary.

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