Roblox Shutting Down In 2021 : Rumors Or Leak, Explained

Rumor has it that Roblox shutting down soon. Now, is it true or not? Continue reading this article to find out!

The brainchild of David Baszucki and Erik Cassel, Roblox debuted in 2006 as an online gaming platform where you can program your own games and users can access that programmed game. The programming language Lua helps users create multiple games as a part of different genres.

However, recently a rumor about this famous gaming platform has sent the members of the gaming community into a frenzy.

The rumor “Roblox Shutting Down?”.

roblox shutting down

The rumor about Roblox shutting down started about back in 2019, however, the frenzy still persists. In fact, the fan base is so huge that this rumor ended up forming a group of about 7,000 people which is known as the ‘Stop Roblox from shutting down’.

This group consists of people ranging from those who are actually genuine to those who are just spreading fear. There are also posts uploaded by people, with the caption ‘R.I.P Roblox’. Clearly, it is a very beloved game because the reaction that it is getting is unbelievable.

There are users out there pouring their hearts out, ready to cry if Roblox ceases to exist. While there are also people who might be joking around about the same, adding fuel to the fire.

Due to these circumstances, we found something that confirms this rumor and its authenticity.

Is the rumor true or false?

The answer to this question comes directly from the source itself. The official Roblox twitter account has updated us with a tweet confirming that Roblox is in fact not shutting down. They also added that fans and users should not pay attention to such false rumors which have very little details and should continue to believe news directly from the source itself.

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roblox shutting down

One of the reasons spread as a part of this rumor was that this gaming platform is going to be shut down due to overpopulation. However, now that you have access and information directly from the source, you yourself can decide as to how false and ridiculous this sounds.

Roblox has been and will continue to be serving its users with its amazing features and time-worthy gameplay.

Roblox 2021 Update

Past few weeks Roblox has updated new features and new programs. Roblox China is a new program that is added, and the community rules have been updated. Also last year Roblox got hacked by an individual who subverted the game’s protection systems to have customized animations appear.

Later the company issued apologized to the victim and community saying they found out the way it was hacked and will prevent such future incidents. The company has announced its updated roadmap, where it have mentioned its ideology of being transparent with its community.

They have updated their internal process for the roadmap to be clearer and more accurate going forward.

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