Justin Bieber Kisses Wife Hailey this Christmas Eve in front of their tree

World celebrates 25th December as Christmas day every year. People all over the globe celebrates this beautiful festival with their loved ones. It doesn’t matter if a person is a celebrity or a normal being everyone celebrates this festival near the decorated Christmas tree with their friends or family.

Just like everyone else despite being a global superstar and a world sensation the Intentions singer celebrated this lovely festival like a normal person with his wife and friends. As fans, we always want to know what our favorite artists are doing in festivals.

This time we got lucky as thanks to Justin Bieber we can take a sneak into what he did in this recent festival. The famous singer-songwriter is in the full festive mood as in his new social media post he is showering love on his beautiful wife.  

Together they look so adorable

Justin Bieber Kisses Wife Hailey this Christmas Eve in front of their tree

Through his social media account in which 154 million people are following him, the Baby singer posted a picture in which he is kissing and hugging his wife and they look so cute and adorable. The 26 years old posted a black and white picture this Thursday which is an absolute delight.

What do you mean singer looks handsome as he is rocking a white long-sleeved shirt with a Santa hat and the black trousers which he paired with white sneakers. The 24 years old model looks ravishing in her dark long-sleeved top which she paired with blue jeans. Both of them look so in love and that Instagram post is a sight to see.

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Till date, this lovely and cute post has received more than 1 million likes and more than seventeen thousand people have commented on that social media post. 

The Love yourself singer’s other lovely posts 

With this adorable post, the Despacito singer also posted a colored picture in which both the singer and the famous model is hugging and smiling in front of their beautiful Christmas tree while posing for the picture.

Justin Bieber Kisses Wife Hailey this Christmas Eve in front of their tree

After sharing that adorable kiss he also shared another post through his Instagram post in which we can see he is wearing an attractive shirt that says “Today is another fresh day”. He captioned this post ‘Me and my bro @joshmehl dropping these today at 12 don’t miss out these things will go like hot cakes…go to @simplegospel.” Unfortunately with so big fan base that shirt is already sold out.

Justin Bieber Kisses Wife Hailey this Christmas Eve in front of their tree

Along with all these posts he also shared a video in which he is the middle man and he is dancing with his friends and this young singer showed some pretty good moves. Let me love you singer also shared a video of Hailey from her childhood days in which she is dancing in The Nutcracker. I’m the one singer captioned this post ‘If u didn’t know how cute my wife was already you will know after ‘watching her tiny self in the nutcracker.

My heart can’t take it.

Bieber’s new gig

After sharing so many things with his fans the pop star is also returning to the stage as he is all set to perform in coming days in New Year’s Eve in partnership with T-mobile. You can watch this virtual concert live by paying 25 dollars.

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