Intel Core i9-11900k Latest Features And How To Overclock i9-11900k Real all about it here!

Intel Core 19-11900k and i9-11900k are both parts of Intel’s future Rocket Lake Processors. And the best part? Intel has now availed to its users the B560 which enables full overclocking support.

About the new overclock feature.

Previously, a user had to purchase an even more expensive Z series board in order to unlock the same feature mentioned above. This was due to the low prices of the B series of motherboard chipsets. However, this hassle seems to have been solved by the company by introducing the new Rocket Lake and its associated 500 series chipset boards.

A profile was also run by Harukaze5719 on a B560 motherboard on a core i911900k and Core i9-11900 by running a 4133MHz XMP profile on them. Both of these motherboard chips are engineering samples.

With a base frequency of 4.3ghz and turbo clock of 4.8ghz, this chip surely promises us of high turbo clocks on the official SKUs, considering they are already possessing a high frequency on the engineering sample.

More about the intel core i9-11900k motherboard chip and comparison with the i7-11700.

A Cinebench R20 score was also shared by Harukaze5719 for a Rocket Lake SKU and this one was about the i7-11700. The base clock is 3.8Ghz with a boost of 4.3Ghz. The multithread score on this was 4672. Now, if we compare the i9-11900k and the i7-11700, the latter is much better as it beat the single score of the former at 529 points.

AMD has proved to push Intel to a whole new level with its new features due to the relentless competition. We are eager to see what more is Intel ready to bring for its users! Follow https://stanfordartsreview.net/ for daily updates!

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