Digimon Adventure Episode 30: Taichi and MetalGreymon Faces Evil Mega Digimon While Racing to Save Hikari, Relase Date and Spoilers

Taichi and his friends got separated into different places after they used their energies against DarkKnightmon. However, Taichi, Agumon, and Ikari continue their battle but things turn disastrous at the end. Soon after the battle, SkullKnightmon unexpectedly appears and kidnaps Hikari. Taichi couldn’t do but watch his younger sister being taken away in despair.

Meanwhile, Allomon and Megadramon burn the forest and the two quickly tries to escape. But they decide to fight against the enemy forces after realising that other Digimons are still in danger. Taichi and Greymon began to fight against the Tankdramon and other evil Digimons so that the innocent could escape the forest fire. During the battle, Greymon subsequently evolves into MetalGreymon and attacks the enemies.

Taichi and MetalGreymon are having a hard time to defeat the enemies. After the Digimons witness the duo fighting for them, all Digimons come to aid Taichi. Sora also arrives at the battle with his Digimon, Garudamon and they successfully defeat Tankdramon. However, their victory is short-lived as another wave of evil Digimons start to attack them. Taichi and team again involve in the battle while trying to protect everyone in the jungle.

The Mega Digimon, WarGreymon

The next episode of the anime series will release on Sunday, 27 December in Japan. Fuji TV Japan will air the upcoming 30th episode at 9:00 AM JST. The anime streaming platform, Crunchyroll has international rights and will stream the episode together with Fuji TV. Hideki Hiroshima will direct while Hiroshi Yamaguchi will handle the script of the upcoming episode, titled, The Mega Digimon, WarGreymon.

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Toei Company originally produced the anime series, Digimon Adventure back in 1999. After the success of the anime series, the production company produced several sequel series and movies. Digimon Adventure 02 — a direct-sequel — released shortly after the completion of Digimon Adventure in 2000. Later, the animation studio released films instead of anime television series. The current anime series is the reboot of the original anime series.



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