Will Johnny Depp Get Justice In Amber Heard Domestic Abuse Case! Read Below to Know More!

It was in May 2016 that the lives of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp changed forever. On this day, Amber arrived at an LA court to charge a restraining order against Johnny. She accused him of assaulting her and imposing alleged violence.

When she walked away from the court, journalists surrounded her. Amber seemingly had somewhat of a bruising on her face and said Johnny “violently” hurt her. She also mentioned other instances of violence and endured “physical and verbal abuse”.

The statements continue with Depp threatening, humiliating and tormenting her. In court, Amber did not have mercy on Johnny. The accusations went on and on until eventually, Johnny turned the tables.

The Truth

Will Johnny Depp Get Justice In Amber Heard Domestic Abuse Case! Read Below to Know More!
Was she lying?

Johnny Depp brought a libel action against The Sun, a British newspaper. The paper was sued for a column that stated “overwhelming evidence” for the abuse. Johnny claims that all of the accusations were merely a “hoax” and that none of them is accurate. He proved Amber guilty instead and revealed the truth to the court and to the fans.

Despite the efforts, in the first ruling, Mr Justice Nicol dismissed the claim. The unfair ruling concluded that Johnny was proven guilty of the assaults and that he put Amber’s life “in danger”.

The court case and libel action became popular all over social media and fans are all on Johnny’s side. Amber Heard gets a taste of her own medicine from fans when the truth came out. They realise that the proceedings of the case was completely off but stayed siding Johnny. It was in fact, Amber who was the abuser.

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Leaked tapes were out on social media proving Johnny innocent. He successfully proved that all of the allegations were false with solid evidence. However, the case does not end here.

Unfair trials

Will Johnny Depp Get Justice In Amber Heard Domestic Abuse Case! Read Below to Know More!

It is questionable for a woman to come out with these allegations that were proved completely false. This definitely affects future trials of other women and married couples. She not only attempted to tarnish Johnny’s reputation but also ruined hers in the process. Because of this, the case turns unfair to Johnny.

The courts and the justice system tends to cater to women more and cause injustice to men. Even with all the evidence that was presented, Johnny was ignored.

“The judge failed to properly assess her credibility by reference to documentary evidence, photographs, recordings or otherwise.” Why is this so? How unfair can a trial be and be biased to one party in the absence of solid evidence?

Will Johnny get the justices he deserves? Johnny did not give up on the false trials and continue to prove his innocence. He marks it necessary to have an effective appeal process. He may win the case and justice will hopefully be served.

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