‘One Punch Man Chapter 137 Release Date And Latest Update’ Read the Full Article to Know All About it!

The world’s government has created a hero association that deploys heroes in order to stop monsters and villains that come from an Unnamed Earth-like Supercontinent. The lead character here is Saitama who is the unassociated hero.

He has come from the metropolis city of city Z and completes heroic actions for the sake of entertainment.

One Punch Man – This Japanese webcomic was created back in 2009. It was adapted as the Manga – Yasuke Murata. It’s Anime adaptation is also available. The webcomic currently has over 7.9 million hits.

When will One Punch Man Chapter 137 release?

'One Punch Man Chapter 137 Release Date And Latest Update' Read the Full Article to Know All About it!

Chapter 137 of One Punch Man is said to be released somewhere in January next year. Right now, even the release of the Manga version has been extremely delayed due to the ongoing pandemic.

What has happened in Chapter 136?

In chapter 136, the S class heroes come together and unite in order to confront a monster association. The plot of chapter 136 starts with Dark shine going through a breakdown due to his defeat at the hands of Garou.

Dark Shine has lost all his confidence and is ready to just go home. However, as a united group, the S class heroes try to convince him of his worth and potential and try to fight for him to stay and not give up.

It ends up being a downhill journey for Dark shine, however, he does seem to be getting stronger by the experience that he is challenged with. On the other hand, Garou with his god complex of being ultra-strong and undefeatable ends up going down the path of pure evil.

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What can we expect in chapter 137?

At the end of this chapter, Tank Top ends up making it to the middle of the fight. The S class heroes have once again united and stood up against Pyskos in order to cooperate and fight with them.

It is only natural that after being left at this cliffhanger, the fans are eagerly waiting for chapter 137 to arrive.

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