Eva Green Relationship TImeline: Dating History and Partners!

The French actress Eva Green has started her career from the film Bernardo Bertolucci’s The dreamers. she has always been in limelight because of her work and also for her relationships . so today we will see the history of her dating timeline.

Early life of Eva green

She was born on 6 july, 1980 and she also has a twin sister who was born 2 minutes later than Eva. She was born and raised in France itself. She has also done an acting course in London in Webber douglas academy and later performed some plays in Paris.

She has a lot of interest in acting and is currently a French actor. her first film debut is in 2002 but her family is totally opposite of the role she was comfortable in that. in 2014 people love her acting in 300:Rise of an empire and she got immense success for that. She has also done a lot of successful movies and roles in her career.

Dating history of Eva green

Basically, she doesn’t have a lot of interest in relationships and dating being a teenager . She once said that when people meet her they find her very cold and she kept a lot of distance from people. here is the dating timeline of Eva green

  • YANN CLASSEN – Her first relationship is with Yann Classen that is from 2000 to 2001.they had come in a relationship in 2000 but doesnt made their relation too public. But they have broked up thier relationship in 2001 as green doesn’t receive any offer for films and job for much time so she wanted to focus more in her career.
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Also she wanted to go the Hollywood and which she finds distracting from the relationship so they broke up.

Eva Green Relationship TImeline: Dating History and Partners!


  • MICHEAL PITT – in 2002 , when she was doing her first debut ” The dreamers ” she found Micheal Pitt . and they started dating each other in 2002 itself and dated till 2003. in the movie her family especially her mother was very much nervous and frightened about the role but she was and the movie was released beautifully.

They broke up in 2003 but didn’t tell much the reason of the break up.

 Eva Green Relationship TImeline: Dating History and Partners

  • MARTON CASOKAS – In 2004, she met Marton Casokas the sets of ” Kingdom of heaven”. They have started dating each other in 2005 when played the role in the same movie. they have seen together a lot whether in a award show or on the streets of Paris and London. But in 2007 , they have to go to different places for their films .

Later that year she has met Marton and spend some days on vacation with him . they have parted their ways in 2009 and the reason given by her for the same is that it will be hard for both to keep the relationship alive when they live very much apart from each other.

Eva Green Relationship TImeline: Dating History and Partners!


  • TIM BURTON – After being single for a long time , she came in the relationship with Tim Burton when giving a role in the movie” the dark shadows” by Tim burton. there wan no confirmation as the couple was dating or not but they have seen many times together holding hands of each other. although she said that they were rumoured for the same .
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Eva Green Relationship TImeline: Dating History and Partners!

Some successful movies of her career

  • The dreamers
  • Womb
  • Kingdom of heaven
  • 300:Rise of an empire
  • Dark shadows
  • Euphoria
  • Casino Royale


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