Attack on Titan Chapter 136 Release Date and All Updates. Read the Full Article To Know More!

Whenever I read and heard this manga name it made me feel great because this manga series has a different fan base. People from all over the world have listened about this manga name at least for once.

It is always weird when people say they don’t like Attack on Titan Manga or they haven’t heard about it because what can you ask for more like there is every single thing that you seek for in a “Shonen Manga”.

Attack on titans has everything from beautiful characters like Mikasa Ackerman to beautiful story and still, some people don’t know how to respect that. 

Attack on Titan Chapter 136 Release Date and All Updates. Read the Full Article To Know More!

Attack on titan is one of the best manga of all times. In December 2019 Hajime Isayama, the writer of Attack on titan manga said that he is aiming to conclude the manga in the year 2020 which means that manga is going to end soon and so is the show.

Attack on Titan manga has taken a huge gap between two chapters as 136 chapter is taking a long time to come out which will be out in the coming month and it will be disclosed later in this article. So stay with us. 

What happened in the 135th chapter?

First, we will sneak into chapter 135 what happened and why Arlert Armin’s life is in danger. In the 135th chapter which was named as “Battle of heaven and earth,” a long-tongued titan took Armin away and he failed to transform into his titan form.

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Levi’s leg is dislocated and he reached his limitations and all the survey corps and the Armored titan were facing off the other titans. Mikasa is on the edge of sacrificing herself to protect other members of the Survey Corpse and when we see all the doors for survival is closing Annie came to rescue all of them in the Flying Titan.

Attack on Titan Chapter 136 Release Date and All Updates. Read the Full Article To Know More!

The spoilers are always released before the release of any new chapter or new season and same is for the upcoming chapter of Attack on Titan as we can expect the spoilers with the scan leaks in the first week of the next month which will tell us Otakus more about what will happen in the next chapter of the manga.

What can happen in the next chapter?

We can expect that Chapter 136 of Attack on titan will heavily focus on Armin who was captured in the last chapter and in the next one we will know whether he will survive or not.

This upcoming chapter will show the continuation of the last titan war which was started earlier in the previous chapters. In the upcoming chapter, we can see Armin in action as he might change into his titan form so that he can gain his freedom and also we will see what will happen to Levi as his survival is also questioned.

We will also see how Armin, Mikasa and Levi will fight the titans with the rest of the survey Corpse and we can expect to gain more information on how Ymir is controlling Eren and the other titans and how will Eren fight with this as he is one of the leads of the manga.

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Attack on Titan Chapter 136 Release Date and All Updates. Read the Full Article To Know More!

Next chapter will be out on…..

Many different platforms and along with official websites like Devdiscourse, VizMedia, MangaPlus and Shonen Jump is showing that Chapter 136 of Attack on Titan manga will be out on January 9th 2021. 

All in all next chapter of the Attack on Titan is going to be so thrilling and amazing as we expect to get many answers. If we trust “BlockToro” then it is expected that the upcoming chapter in the manga is going to be the Manga’s final installment.



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