Overwatch Game Sabotaged by New Priority Pass: Latest Update

The players of the Overwatch game have disliked the new update of Priority pass system. The priority pass feature was introduced in December 2020 in Winter wonderland update of the game.

Priority pass feature

Blizzard has launched the new winter wonderland event in the game. In this the damaged players are being left hanging for the longest and the new priority pass should make it easier to skip the queue.

The message from the Blizzard have explained that the players can earn priority pass by choosing flex when they queue, with more passes earned for wins than the losses, players can use it to decrease their queue time for a role which was experiencing very high traffic. This feature was mainly introduced to reduce the queue time for DPS players.


Overwatch Game Sabotaged by New Priority Pass: Latest Update


Soon after the introduction of the priority pass the overwatch team observed that this feature has actually made the wait time more longer for the DPS players since many players had priority pass. The passing feature also had DPS mains picking tank or support in order to have a faster waiting time for the DPS players.

The problem associated with this system is that these tickets are awarded regardless of whether the flex players’ team wins or loses.


Currently Blizzard hasn’t made any changes to the system. The priority pass system is still in its infancy period, so there is still a lot of time for the developers of the game to modify the changes made in the new update, they could do the changes to match according to the needs of the players.

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We have to wait and see if the developers are coming with a better update.

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