Nicole Kidman Furious with Rita Ora for ‘Flirting’ with Husband Keith Urban

Hollywood celebrity NIcole Kidman has become furious with Rita Ora for flirting with husband Keith Urban. Rita Ora and Keith Urban are reportedly working together in The Voice Australia.

Statement of the Magazine

It is confirmed that Rita Ora will join as a judge in the singing reality show The Voice Australia, This results in famous tabloids to allegedly state Nicole Kidman isn’t happy with Rita Ora joining the show. 

Nicole Kidman Furious with Rita Ora for 'Flirting' with Husband Keith Urban

Women’s Day’s  latest article had the headline ‘Nicole’s Warning No Flirting’- which sparks the hot topic. The magazine also claims that Nicole is not happy with the decision and if she had her way, Urban wouldn’t be part of the show. The publication states that Keith Urban has a record of being “fallen victim” to the charms of his other co-judges.

Nicole Kidman Furious with Rita Ora for 'Flirting' with Husband Keith Urban

Although they mentioned Urban’s version of the story to the readers- “ It’s not like he needs the money. But he argues it;s crucial to keep up appearances in Australia to sell albums. And besides, he enjoys nurturing new talents.

He says it keeps him feeling inspired.” The magazine reveals that the country singer, “Swears on the Bible” nothing will happen between him and Ora.’ So what is the reality of the story?

Insider’s Information

An insider source has given some information regarding the topic to the magazine. The source continues, “Nicole will never forget how humiliating it was when Jennifer Lopez brazenly flirted with Keith on American Idol. They have some explosive news about that. Friends were worried that they might actually break up over it.”

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True or False? 

However, to investigate this subject Gossip Cop directly blames the magazine for creating such fuzz. Gossip Cop doesn’t believe the story and any information about the article.

It states “Sure, Keith Urban has been friendly with his former judges in the past, but that doesn’t mean he would blatantly disrespect his wife or their marriage. And, Ora and Urban are professional….” Their statement continues with a positive attitude towards Nicole and Urban’s marriage life.

Nicole Kidman Furious with Rita Ora for 'Flirting' with Husband Keith Urban

Gossip Cop also wrote Keith Urban’s old statement regarding their marriage, in bold: “Meeting Nic [Nicole Kidman] and marrying her. Having children. Getting Sober. None of these are in any particular order, because they’re all equally on point.” The suspense will only be broken by Nicole and Keith’s response on the topic


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