His Dark Materials Season 3 Renewal Based on Philip Pullman’s Third Book ‘The Amber Spyglass’ CONFIRMED by HBO and BBC

His Dark Materials will return to BBC and HBO with the third and final season, which will consist of eight episodes. The third season will close the adventures of young Lyra and Will in the multi-world universe. BBC One didn’t reveal the release date of the third season. However, the production company reported that the filming will begin in 2021 in Cardiff, Wales.

The announcement came after the BBC One concluded airing all seven episodes of the second season. But, the viewers in the US and outside the UK, the season will end on December 28 on HBO. His Dark Materials has been a hit-show in millions of households. The show also received positive reviews from the viewers and critical acclaim from the critics.

The British Television production company, Bad Wolf is producing the dark fantasy series, along with American company, New Line Productions.

Jack Thorne and his team of writers have already started preparing the scripts for the third season. The mystery-drama is adapted from popular fantasy novels by English author Philip Pullman. Philip Pullman also serves as the executive producer of the television series.

Jane Tranter, the co-founder of Bad Wolf told to Deadline earlier this month that the writers are working on the script based on the Amber Spyglass. The Amber Spyglass is the final instalment in Sir Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials. The fantasy drama concludes in this novel and the showrunners also want to end the television series in the third season, based on The Amber Spyglass.

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In the book, Lyra dreams one of his friend Roger, who has already died. She meets him in the land of the dead and promises him that she would help him. In the second season finale, Will finally encounter the vision of his father. Meanwhile, Miss Coulter kidnaps Lyra so that she could keep her safe. She would take Lyra and keep her inside the cave, which is hidden from the Magisterium.

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