Ex-Husband sued by Katie Hill over outlet of Nude Photos

Katie Hill appealed a complaint against her ex-husband after the distribution of “nonconsensual porn” of her.

Prior, Hill’s ex-husband Kenneth Heslap diatribe Hill’s relationship as “Throuple”  with him and her female staff. He neglecting the fact of leaking naked pictures of his wife, then turning to a paradox. Katie Hill also reasoning her quit from Congress is because of her ex-husband.

In October 2020, the Daily Mail website published a picture of Hill was naked- holding a mug and kissing her female staff. Later the RedState.org uploaded a conversation snap between Hill and her female staff being talking about a threesome relationship. Those websites are owned by Hill’s ex-husband- Kenneth Heslep so showing the fact that he leaked the pictures.

As Hill covered the scandal regarding the convo snap by saying “Political Risk” and focusing on her work.

Ex-Husband sued by Katie Hill over outlet of Nude Photos

What was the reason behind filing a suit against her ex-husband?

Hill made her suit in Los Angeles, stating that Heslep misusing her naked pictures- intimate images of her without her knowledge. Even Hill filed against Heslep’s companies being unfair and spurious practices by a violation of privacy laws. 

To some disturbing facts, Hill mentioned to the court that Heslep killed her pet to terrorize her by fearing for him. 

She also says that Heslep established a “scorched earth attack” on her when she seeks a divorce from him after 15 years of togetherness.

The suit names  Salem Media Group Inc. and the Mail Daily group don’t have the right to share private matters. And standing against the “Sexually degrade and expose public officials”. 

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What is the verdict?

After the two weeks of the suit, Judge declaring a temporary restraining order against Heslep to stay 1000 yards away from hill’s family. Even Hill demanding for compensation from Heslep. She wants the image permanently from media outlets.

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