Euphoria Special Episode 2 Schedules for January 2021: Part 2: Jules, Season 2 Expectations and More

While fans are waiting for the second season of popular HBO teen drama, Euphoria, HBO decided to drop two specials before Season 2. The first episode has already premiered on the network and the second one will release next month. Trouble Don’t Last Always, the first part aired on December 6, which completed the story arc of character Rue right after the ending of the first season.

Hunter Schafer, who portrays Jules in the teen drama took Twitter to announce the second special, Fuck Anyone Who’s Not a Sea Blob.


The special episode will air on January 24, 2021, on HBO and stream on HBO Max on the same day.


The upcoming special would focus solely on another main character of the show — Jules. This special will also tell the story after the ending of the first season finale. In the first season finale episode, Rue reconnects with Jules after getting discharged from the hospital. Later in the episode, Jules made a surprising revelation to Rue. She tells Rue that she is in love with Anna and Rue, as well. They share some moment together and decide to leave the town together.

However, Rue, who is upset, doesn’t want to leave with Jules anymore. Jules gets on the train but Rue backs down and returns her home. After returning home, she snorts Oxycodone, leaving herself under the hallucinating influence of the drug. The first special then continues her story after her relapse on Christmas Eve. She talks to Ali and mentions that Jules is the reason for her relapse. However, Ali responds that Rue never intended to stay clean as she had saved the pills.

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Ali then explains Rue the bad effect of drugs on one’s own life and on their loved ones. He recalls his struggles with drug addiction, which led him to be estranged with his daughters. Also, he tells her that she [Rue] would ultimately improve herself and he has faith in her. Now, the second special will feature character revelations about Jules as the first part did about Rue.


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