iOS 14.4 Update: Features, Changes and Launch date. Checkout Now To Know More!

iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. iPhones, iPads and other iDevices all runs iOS. It was initially released on 29th June 2007 by OS family- mac OS. It helps in easy and lag-free networking for Apple users.

Its last version iOS 14.3 was launched in 17th November 2020 which gave a great service. Apple has come up with it’s recent update.

iOS 14.4 update

Good news for all iPhone lovers who were struggling with their system problems in their phones. Apple has confirmed it’s iOS 14.4 update and is now available for beta testing. This new version will hopefully come with additional features and surprises.

The beta software program is free for iDevices but and the only requirement is the Apple ID. Both iPhone and iPads can get ready for beta testing.

Features and Changes

iOS 14.4 Update: Features, Changes and Launch date. Checkout Now To Know More!

The features of new iOS 14.4 is not exactly revealed by the mac world. The release of this version will surely bring some significant changes which will not dishearten the users.

Previously, Apple users have faced with iOS 14 ‘s unexpected battery problems. Disconnection of bluetooth was also one of them along with GPS and Maps bugs. Users even had to deal with random reboots, WiFi and cellular connection problems.

But there is nothing to get tensed this time. The new iOS 14.4 is coming with new features and expected to come with bug fixes and improved performances. HDR vedio problems will be solved. One more thing that we can expect from iOS 14.4 is the facility of 5G data with dual SIMs along with Xbox core control.

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iOS 14.4 Update: Launch date

Mac World has not confirmed the launch date of iOS 14.4. The last version ( iOS 14.3 ) was released on 17th November 2020. So, we have to wait for a while to enjoy this new milestone. It is expected that iOS 14.4 will be released by January or February in 2021.

But most importantly, before thinking much about the release date, you have to firstly take a look at your internal storage. So start cleaning up your storage guys because it may take around 4.5GB of storage of your phones.

I hope you guys wil get unexpected happiness after its launch.

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